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The Bund To Lujiazui

Skyscraper - History In Building Tall

Welcome to join us for Skyscraper - History In Building Tall — The Bund To Lujiazui on Tuesday Feb 25, 2020.

We will meet at 10:00 AM and expect the walk to conclude around 18:00 PM. Once we have received your email address and/or phone number, we will contact you shortly with all the neccessary information.

Price per person for this full day tour is 780,- RMB.

Send inquiries and feel free to ask any questions in advance via email to sights@chiarc com, call +86 21 62482888 or come over for a chat at our Jingan Temple offices.

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Welcome to a journey through 88 years of Shanghai's highrise heritage: Starting from the day flamboyant Sir Ellice Victor Sassoon broke ground on its swanky Cathay Hotel back in 1926, picking up when the city came to life again in the 1980s and all the way to current record breaking architectural achievements.

Broadway Mansions (Palmer&Turner, 1934) · China Merchants Plaza (Ho & Partners, 1996) · Customs House (Palmer&Turner, 1927) · Hilton Hotel (Lee King Fun, 1988) · Jin Mao Tower (SOM, 1997) · Jingan Kerry Centre (KPF, 2013) · Jinjiang Hotel (Wong Tung, 1988) · Karl Gutzlaff Signal Tower (1907) · King Tower (ECADI, 1995) · Oriental Pearl TV Tower (ECADI, 1995) · Park Hotel (Hudec, 1934) · Peace Hotel, (Palmer&Turner, 1929) · Plaza 66 (KPF, 2000) · Shanghai Centre (Portman, 1989) · Shanghai Exhibition Centre (SUDI, 1955) · Shanghai IFC (Pelli, 2010) · Shanghai Tower (Gensler, 2014) · Shanghai Wheelock Square (KPF, 2012) · Shanghai World Financial Center (KPF, 2007) · · Shimao International Plaza (Ingenhoven, 2005) · Urban Planning Exhibition Center (ECADI, 2000)

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