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Welcome to join us for Shanghai Nights — From Dusk Till Dawn on Tuesday Sep 24, 2024.

We will meet at 14:00 PM and expect the walk to conclude around 18:00 PM. Once we have received your email address and/or phone number, we will contact you shortly with all the neccessary information.

Price per person for this half day tour is 380,- RMB.

Send inquiries and feel free to ask any questions in advance via email to sights@chiarc com, call +86 21 62482888 or come over for a chat at our Jingan Temple offices.

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After several decades of hibernation, Shanghais nightlife scene has quickly regained ground and friction and now ranks among one of the most exciting places in Asia, making the city a great one to have a big night out.
Sights include the city's most exciting and innovative entertainment hotspots and we discover the story behind the glamour, examine interior design, sound systems, layouts and bar culture in the Pearl of the Orient.

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